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Convention Show’s

Ulises has performed in many notable conventions such as St.Louis Comic con, New York Comic Con, DragonCon, WonderCon, Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, E3, and many many more, please contact us for more details about this show.

Stage Show

This is the show that is more suitable for a stage or presentation setting,  it will include a Vegas style interactive stage mentalism show that companies like Best Buy, Hilton Hotels, and AT&T have hired Ulises to perform.
This is the show that Ulises headlines in theaters across America. Ulises will read the minds of your guests, predict, and influence their every action in ways you won’t believe.

Warning: This event can only be booked by people who truly want a memorable event, and who want to make a statement, or a great impression that will last for years to come.

Psychic Entertainment Show

Ulises’s Is also a world renowned Psychic entertainer, he pushes the boundaries of what is real and what is supernatural, he is currently touring his “Foreseen” show world wide, and he can perform it for you and your guests. Be warned this is not your regular parlor entertainment, this is meant for an audience bigger than 200 people. Your future, your past, and your darkest secrets will be revealed throughout the event, this will not be something you will soon forget.

Strolling Mentalism

This is a interactive close up show, more suitable for a cocktail party or hospitality suite setting. This is where Ulises gets up-close and personal with your guests and makes sure your guests have a great time by focusing on them individually. A verity of miracles will happen as Ulises makes his way performing for your guests.

Warning: Your guests will not stop talking about this event for years to come, and any other performer besides Ulises will not be able to make your next event as successful as the one you booked him for.